Last April, during the WIRE fair in Düsseldorf, Govama presented its new thread rolling machine K-25 EM.

From Burgelu, as exclusive representatives of Govama in Spain and Portugal, we invite you to ask us any question about this or any other machine.

Below we detail its technical specifications and technologies.

Technical specifications K-25 EM:

Rolling Force : 10-250 kN (25 tons).
Sliding speed: 0-10 mm/sec.
Rotation Speed: 0-60 rpm.
Die length: 170 mm max.
Die diameters: Ø 200 mm max. / Ø 145 mm min.
Die Spindle diameters: Ø69,85 mm (Ø80,00 mm optional).
Work piece diameters: Ø 48 mm max. / Ø 3 mm min.
Swivel Angle (INCLINATION): ± 8° max.
Pitch Size: 4 mm. (this value can be revised according material type).
Main Motor: 2 x 8 Kw (Servo motors).
Installation Power: 22 kW.
Weight approximate: 2850 kg.


Technological features:

  • Rolling force applied by servo motor + ball bearing mechanism with 0,003 mm positioning accuracy.
  • Rotation of spindles are driven by servo motors + reducer + cardan shafts with ball joint.
  • Inclination of heads are set automatically on display with 1’ accuracy.
  • 4 operation modes; in-feed Rolling, thru-feed Rolling, calibration Rolling (re-rolling), incremental spline Rolling.
  • 3 working modes; manual, semi auto, full auto
  • PR (Product Recipe) system; more than 1000 different parts set-up parameters can be saved / recalled for quick change over.
  • Height adjustable work rest blade mechanism.
  • QR code scanner to call PR of selected product.
  • Hand Wheel panel for fine adjustment
  • Foot pedal is included.
  • OK/NOK part counting based on Rolling force of each item.
  • Recommended setting parameters based on entered values.
  • Remote connection device.
  • HMI data transfer.