Other services

Regrinding of threading dies

The dies worn or damaged by use can be reground several times to a minimum diameter that will depend on the part to be threaded and to the machine to be used.

The main advantages of the regrinding of the dies are:

  • Economic savings, given that the cost is much less than the cost of new ones.
  • Possibility of regrinding a new profile on obsolete or damaged rollers.
  • Shorter delivery time than new rollers in most cases.

Retrofitting of thread rolling dies

Burgelu has the capacity and experience necessary to carry out the repair, reconstruction and adaptation of old IZPE thread rolling machines, to fulfil to the Royal Decree Law 1215/97.

Likewise, spare parts, technical documentation and original instruction manuals for these machines are supplied.

Work rest blades

The most common way to hold a piece during the rolling process is by means of supporting work rest blades on two-roll machines.

There are two types of work rest blades:

  • Carbide type. Steel blades with carbide insert.
  • Rollers type. Steel blades with rollers in their upper part that rotate at the same time as the piece, resulting in less friction on the thread or profile made.