Thread rolling dies

Thread and profile rolling system

Undoubtedly, the threading, spline, knurled and formed profiles by rolling system offers many advantages compared to conventional systems of threading (cutting).. The main advantages are:
  • Material saving.
  • Highest resistance of the final product.
  • Highest precision of the rolled thread.
  • Better finishing.
  • Much higher productions.
Types of profiles:
  • Threads
  • Splines
  • Knurls
  • Burnishing
  • Finned tubes
  • Special profiles
Thread and profile rolling systems:
  • Plunge
  • Thru-feed: normal, extra fast and multiple rings.
  • Planetary dies (roller + segment)
  • Rollers that can be attached to thread heads

Manufacturing materials

Four types of chromium vanadium alloy steels are used with a high resistance to wear and a high index of elasticity. DIN: 1.2379 AISI: D2  Recommendation: Hardness materials up to 28 HRc. DIN: 1.3343 AISI M-2 Recommendation: Hardness materials up to 36 HRc. DIN 1.3247 AISI M-42 Recommendation: Hardness materials over 36 HRc. DIN B-82 AISI Burgelu Recommendation: Hardness materials up to 31 HRc.

Vacuum hardening

The vacuum hardening of the threading dies is carried out in specialized facilities that guarantee a high quality and homogeneity of the same, reaching hardness up to 64 HRc. This gives our threading dies the optimum quality, hardness and strength to obtain results with full satisfaction.

Grinding process

The grinding of the dies is done in thread grinding machines specially developed for these jobs and equipped with CNC in order to make all the profiles in accordance with the standards and requirements of each customer in particular.

Quality control

In addition to the roller checks carried out during each of the manufacturing processes, Burgelu performs an optical control of the profile by means of a profile projector during grinding and a final control of the finished die using a profilometer. .

Stress relieving

After the grinding operation a stabilization process is carried out in a cryogenic furnace to eliminate the accumulated stresses during grinding.


Depending on the materials to be rolled, the threading dies can receive different types of surface coating, such as plasma nitriding or titanium nitride, which increase their useful life.